Altamont 360°

Altamont 360°

Altamont 360°

Altamont 360°

Altamont 360° the documentary AlBERT MAYSLES SAID: "NEEDS TO BE MADE"


Altamont 360° is a full-length documentary film about the Altamont Festival of 1969.  Produced by Susan Doran.
(In pre-production.)

The gist:

You want to know the one truth that explains the Altamont Free Concert of 1969!

Who was to blame? Who are the villains? 

What if there's not one truth--or one true narrative? 

What if the reality of Altamont (and other historical events) depends on your angle, and "the true story" is multifaceted, and gorgeously complex?


High-concept 360° storytelling

Inspired by Rashomon, the brilliant film by Kurosawa, in which multiple characters provide highly varying, subjective, often contradictory narratives of the same violent incident.

Altamont 360º is a high-concept revolutionary documentary film exploring the Altamont Free Concert of 1969, using a 360-degree Rashomon-style device that gives voice and validity to all perspectives and all angles of the compelling collection of stories that is Altamont.

Multiple narratives | multiple realities | multiple platforms

Altamont 360° is not only a full-length film, but a transmedia suite of storytelling vehicles and platforms, including:
• "Night Before Altamont:" audio documentary
• Web: interactive multimedia website, featuring outtakes, archival artifacts, social components, etc.
• Altamont: The Book
• Altamont graphic novel
• more...


"Just as every cop is a criminal/And all the sinners saints"


How you can plug in:

Were you there?
Have to stuff or stories to share?
Want to lend a hand in bringing things to fruition otherwise?

Love to hear from you.

...and thanks!

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Altamont 360°

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